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2019: Pakistán, una potencia subregional en el centro del trapezoide geopolítico asiático

Is Pakistan a state with sufficient power to play a leading role in the reconfiguration of the world order in which Asia is the main scenario?

2018: El poder nacional-internacional de los Estados. Una propuesta trans-estructural

The question of national power remains in controversy and debate in International Relations. From the theoretical point of view, the problem lies in its definition, in the constitutive dimensions and in the variables that should be taken into account; from a technical point of view, the question resides in its measurement.


2018: La política exterior de las potencias latinoamericanas hacia la Caricom: LOS casos de Brasil, México, Colombia, Venezuela y Cuba

In the specific case of Latin America, which countries exert a major impact on this block? How do they relate to Caricom? The objective of this analysis is to review the foreign policy of the Latin American powers towards Caricom.

2017: Del desarrollo político-económico y la proyección internacional de Egipto tras la Guerra Fría: estrategias de una potencia subregional en Medio Oriente

This article will focus on three aspects that will show the evolution of Egypt as a subregional power in the post-Cold War period.

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2017: La proyección de China en américa latina y el caribe

The intensifying bilateral interaction is due mainly to the increase in imports of raw materials by China, of which Latin America has a competitive advantage.

2015: Las promesas del ascenso estructural de los países de América Latina y el Caribe, 1975–2013

The objective here is to search for the movements in the structural position of the Latin American states and the level of economic-social development reached by them in the latest trends.


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